annika bentley
chamber rock
"firmly at the front of the proverbial indie rock pack"
-clark giles, happy couples never last records
"equal parts medieval canon and modern pop"
-chris lawrence, rockpile

annika's music combines classical structuring with medieval tonality, pop/rock sensibilities and a fine sprinkling of big words.

Current Touring Band:
Annika Bentley: vocals, piano, guitar
Kathleen Fraser: acoustic bass, keyboard fx
Otto Hauser: drums, guitar, fx
Ian Downey: cello

venues include but are not limited to: colleges, clubs, bars, festivals and benefits

self released cds: Live, 2005; with leak, blink, and breath, 2001; leisuretron, 1999; see you around, lifeguard, 1998
compilations: the pet series vol. II, 2003; eye of the beholder voulmes I, II and III, tract records, 2000, 2001, 2003; Staf Catorce, 2002; cat power tribute, 2001; magnet new music sampler vol. 20, 2001; CMJ certain damage, 1999

Additional Credits
Three independent film scores; NACA East Coast, Wisconsin and Great Lakes Showcase performer; International air play; monkey books, pirate town activities sheets and a designer line of squirt guns